A Neglected factor of Recruitment: Athletics

Employers worldwide prefer high school or college athletes, as they believe athletes possess a certain character trait that they look out for in their potential employees. Life of college athletes is not easy as there are multiple aspects to seek out and manage in their daily lives. The constant lookout for management of attending classes, completing assignments on deadline, team meetings, practice and matches is not easy. This phase provides them with most important life skills related to time management, pressure handling and is a very good indicator of student’s work ethics. This is similar to having a full time job where one needs to be committed and in a constant run to be the best and meet deadlines at all times.

The top rated companies all over the world are always in a look out to hire the best employees at all times. College athletes are good potential candidates for these companies to fulfill the key positions. These positions are highly competitive, stressful and fast paced which is much similar to the daily life of these individuals. There are various traits developed over time like unique thinking approach towards a certain problem, leadership and perseverance at difficult times in these athletes. They are great individuals when it comes to teamwork as these people have spent most of their times playing in teams and understand the importance of working together. Teamwork is the most important asset for any employer, which can help organization to overcome self-interest for the attainment of the organizational goal.

Likewise, these athletes have tendency to work hard and have gained a winning attitude during worst of times. The necessary skills for the win is always developed by endless hours of regular practice in these individuals. These people live in reality and are in search for weaknesses and strength to better themselves in every practice and game unlike many others. These people are strongly disciplined as they have a specific diet, workout, routine and plan to stick to. A true athlete never goes beyond the discipline set by their managers or coaches and enjoys that. Finally, these people are mentally strong and resilient towards real world problems, which are endless in their lives. After every game, whatever is the result, they always have to move on from the results and continue to attempt the next time. This can be a great character trait for employers, as they can trust these individuals at all times.

Despite all of these, In the Context of Nepal, this is one of the most neglected term when it comes to recruitment by employers in their organizations. With eyes always in the employment history and education section of the C.V, there is no such primary importance given to someone with athletic background during the hunt for potential candidates. There are mainly two different reasons for athletics not taken as an important factor during screening of the candidates. Firstly, we can find many employers do not take different approach from the traditional ones, to hire the possible talent even though there has been a paradigm shift in the existent market. Secondly, there is lack of awareness among managers regarding candidates with “athletics background” to be of such a crucial importance, which can provide great value to the organization.

The search for the top talents with great skills is always there amongst the organizations. With thousands of fresh young graduates leaving the country on daily basis, the talent has become much scarce in our country. There are individuals who have been engaged in different sports throughout the country and can bring these great skills, inside the organizational culture. It is extremely difficult to find, the right candidate with traditional approach in today’s world as learning and dynamics among the youth has changed in recent times. Therefore, in order to accomplish this, we need to develop an open mind to go beyond the rigid framework and build new strategies to achieve it.

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