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Job Posting

As the world gets digitalized, use of job portal to post job vacancy is one of the most effective way through which you can recruit new applicants for vacant positions. This online platform acts as a bridge between job seekers and job employers. This service is developed for all the different organization who want a effective and quality recruitment process conveniently.
For this, JS has created a platform where you can post job vacancies and gain access to pool of quality candidates. This will enable you to gain access to different CV’s and Resume who can be taken down further to do the final recruitment.


Recruitment Services

The necessity to have the right quality employee in the team is a prime goal for every employers. There are number of procedures that needs to be performed which can help to land the required employee.

For this purpose, JS has developed a proper system that can assist you to acquire the right and likeminded people. The system has proper mixture of required expertise, database, screening tool and technology integrated together. Furthermore, JS can assure right recruitment through its huge database, pre screening facility and rightly targeted advertisement.

✓ Permanent Placement
✓ Head hunt/Executive search



Training is the most basic and an essential form for human resource and overall organizational development. Today’s market is fast paced and dynamic, which has made it important to upgrade skills and job knowledge for employees continuously. There is need to handle the diverse situations and develop right attitude in employees so, that they can handle different situations well to their advantage.
At JS, we understand your need to get the right training facility which can help to maintain your human resources perform at peak level. Our trainers who are experts in their respective fields and can impart knowledge in the right way can support to increase your staff productivity and boost morale. As we have variation in training modality and courses, this can also help to sharpen the skills of both of your new and experienced employees.


Management Consulting

Management consulting is a primary step that can take the organization to other remarkable steps.

This service will help you to gain right information, diagnose problems, get proper recommendation after diagnosis of the problem, develop important strategies, solve problems and facilitate learning to avoid similar problems in the future.

For this, JS have researchers, management professionals and industry experts who can provide a specific solution for organizations with the help of research and fact finding.

✓ HR consulting
✓ Business Plan development
✓ Marketing Plan development
✓ Sales Plan development